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Let’s Talk Nutrition: Greens for Health

Around this time of year, many gardens are abundantly supplying dark leafy greens. We know greens are good for us, but when its harvest time, what do we do with all those greens?

Here are suggestions for enjoying the abundance the season offers:

Managing mounds of Mustard greens? Think hormone balance – mustard greens are rich in glucosinolates that impart a spicy, bitter flavor. You can prepare saag, Indian-style, with red onion and peppers, or you can prepare your mustards southern style, simmering with onions to make a fragrant soup-like side dish. When you chop or juice your greens, the exposure to air triggers an enzyme reaction that forms I3C (indole-3 carbinol), that helps to balance hormones and enhances the destruction of abnormal cells in your body, a process known as apoptosis.