Telephone or Skype Initial Nutrition/Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Learn how to bring balance to your life by reviewing your unique constitution and  learning an Ayurvedic approach to balanced lifestyle. Includes health history, assessment and

 customized recommndations for daily routine, diet and spices. 

90 minutes


Telephone or Skype Follow-Up Nutrition/Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

Individualized support for you as you as you make healthy changes including review of your progress, and going deeply into specific areas of interest such as diet, pranayama, restorative sleep, stress management or other areas of interest to support your health and wellbeing (physical exam not included.)


1 hour


Group and Community Programs

Would you like to incorporate a holistic therapy topic in your next group meeting? Contact us to customize an herb talk, mini-Reiki session, or other holistic experience for your group. Sessions are educational and not intended to treat any condition. 

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