looking for holistic approch works w body & mind

looking for more you can do, don't want to feel relying only on med

need to sort out many options and approaches, to narrow down what works for you

approach that will help while avoiding interactions

love ancient therapies


prak vs vikruti, get you back in bal.


what is ayur assessment?pulse body face hands

other articles linke:


how can cons help?

A different way to think about mental health.

a foundation -

helps with ADD



Memory loss


Digestive problems


Ayurvedic lifestyle begins with understanding your unique constitution and how to create balance with diet, llifestyle, herbs.

science is on board with this ancient wisdom

Diet - phytonutrients

Sleep - profound impact on ment emot health





But we go a step deeper with Ayureda which recognizes



You are dynamic influence by nature, seasons, environment.


how this cons helps:

identify your unique constitution and create a routine to support balance

Help guide your choices and priorities for your m&e wb.

nutrient imbalalances - related to mewb, identify.

all designed to help you create balance

works wtih existing meds, inform your provider and can request a consultation between.



nat foundation, work w meds if on.

can manage on your own

available for cont support

can help coord wi other prv.


depression, fati. kapha, zinc def. out kapha pranayam, walk in nature, foods - boosted agni,

irritab, pitta, cu zinc, work ethic, look at own projections, meditate - foods, also helped burning stom. herbs used.

ADD, vata, zinc, efa, abyyangha, pranayam. creative overload, hated routine. - foods no more dry crackers, chips and eating while in movement.

herbs - not used, as on meds.


unique needs of women


life cycle changes

brain changes





later: br creme, foot crm


viz: yog mas/pk, teach kitch, pharm., retr.