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Dr. Philippa-Jhean Norman 



So glad you stopped by :)


My journey in this practice is to offer holistic trauma-informed services to support you in creating nourishing self-care practices and to not only recover, but thrive as you transform your past experiences to greater wisdom and growth. 


Let me tell you a bit about how I got to this point...


I grew up loving herbs and made my first "remedy" of dried plantain leaves, which I saved in my Mom's spice jar.

I have always had the intention to create a foundation to support the body's natural healing abilities. But - I actually struggled trying to "fit in" the medical field at times, and was not sure at all that it was the right for me.  So many people around me "seemed" to have a straight path in life and my zig zag path of exploring multiple interests felt scattered at times. But now at this stage of life, I am gathering all of what I have learned and experienced, in order to support others. 

I have been practicing medicine for a long time (since 1987!) and have continually studyied herbs and other healing modalities since then. I have had many wonderful teachers from Shamans to Ayurvedic Vaidyas and more.  I have found that aside from my studies, simply being human and having many experiences in life, has opened my heart to greater compassion.  As I grow older, I find that having lived through transformed experiences is the grounding and context of my work. 

When I am not working with people in my practice, you may find me making ghee, hanging out at the Farmer's market  (for my other biz, Zazi Natural Foods),  playing bass guitar, 12-string guitar or banjo, simmering up an herbal remedy, writing with a hot cup of tea nearby (so far I have written 4 books while drinking tea :), visiting with my 4 grown kids, or working in the garden. Whew! Lot's of things to balance, but I love exploring and learning!


Professionally, I am a Board-Certified Integrative (and Occupational) Medicine physician with a Master's degree in Public health and over 30 years experience in a variety of settings. I have provided continuing education for Head Start, teachers, school nurses, PE teachers and more. I have written nutrition articles and given presentations for the Green Earth Institute, and led workshops for Little Company of Mary Hospital and other community organizations. I am an Ayurveda Practitioner, trained in EMDR, certified in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy, Reiki a Master Teacher, Pranic Healing Practitioner, and Intuitive.

Here is a listing of therapies offered and a link to learn more about each (also  feel free to email me or book a free 15 minute call to ask any questions you may have!)



Ayurveda Consultation

What is Ayurveda

My Ayurveda Journey


What is Hypnotherapy?


What is EMDR?


We carry Ayurvedic medicines as well as spiced ghee and coconut oil to support a healthy diet.




Health Education Presentations


Pranic Healing


Medical School

Graduate School



Hypnotherapy & Rebirthing


Pranic Healing


Ayurveda for Health Professionals

Ayurveda Gurukula in Pune India

Marma Point therapy



Pulse Workshop

Ayurveda Practitioner



My Ayurveda training began with Maharishi Ayurveda under the instruction of Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf and Stuart Rothberg. She was invited to study in Pune, India with Dr. Vasant Lad's Gurukkula where she experienced clinic days with Dr. Lad, filling prescriptions in the herbal pharmacy with her fellow students,  and training in Marma point therapy and  Shirodhara with She continued her training in Herbal formulations and Ayurvedic skin care with Dr. Jay and his team at Kerala Ayurveda, as well as mentorship with Jennifer Ayres, Pulse workshops with Dr. Lad in New Mexico, beginning Jyotish with Souvik Dutta, Ayurvedic Practitioner training with Ananda Ayurveda Academy with Dr. Raut.

She is currently completing Advanced Practitioner level training at Ananda Ayurveda Academy.

Over the years, Dr. Norman has supported individuals and the community. She has provided numerous community presentations and has provided keynotes for the Arthritis Foundation and other groups. She was a frequent presenter at the Green Earth Institute and regular contributor to their newsletter. She consulted with Seven Generations Ahead, helping to develop their school nutrition curriculum, and presented professional continuing education workshops for Dupage PE & Health instructions, Head Start and School Nurses association. She has presented to artists and creative young people, through Young Chicago Authors, the Illinois Arts Foundation, and other groups. As the mother of 4 grown children, she is very devoted to supporting young people in any way that she can.

Dr. Norman is certified in Natural Cooking, and loves to help people bring healing foods into their diet. 

Her consulting practice has offered natural, holistic support for symptoms of irritable bowel and digestive problems, depression, anxiety,  chronic stress, and those who want to maintain memory, mental clarity and emotional vitality to enjoy life as they age. She is especially committed to providing trauma sensitive care and offering support for those experiencing PTSD and other trauma related health issues. While her practice is on hold to complete her studies, she will soon be offering consultations and herbal formulations.

Since childhood, she has had an interest in herbs and spiritual practices and feels honored to serve others. She is committed to lifelong learning and exploring ancient traditional healing practices and how we can bring them to our lives today.

She founded Zazi Natural Foods as a way to support people with healthy foods, while at the same time offering a portion of proceeds to support indigenous cultural organizations in their work for cultural preservation, land rights and other issues in order to help preserve what the ancient ones have left us.

Her upcoming book "Meet the Friendlies" introduces young people to their good bacteria and supports them in creating a healthy lifestyle. Her love of writing led her to write 3 Shells for Nikki, a children's book, to share her experience of learning about herbalism in her family, as well as other books on health.

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