Philippa Norman MD MPH

Dr. Norman is a Board-Certified Integrative Medicine physician with over 20 years experience in Integrative Therapies.

She has completed a Health Providers Training in Ayurveda with Maharishi Ayurveda under the instruciton of Dr. Nancy Lonsdorf and Stuart Rothberg. She completed as well as trainng with Dr. Vasant Lad Gurrukula in Pune, India that included training in Marma Point therapy , Shirodhara. She and continuing education at the Ayurvedic Institute, including mentorship with Jennifer Ayers.She is continuing her studies at Ananda Ayurveda Academy under the direction of Dr. Ashlesha Raut.  

Dr. Norman is a certified Restorative Yoga Insructore and completed her training with Jillian Pransky.

Over the past decades she has provided Reiki, Pranic Healthing Guided Imagery for individuals as well as hopsital based centers such as Little company of Mary Integrative Cancer Center.

She has provided numerous community education and provfessional continuing education such as Green Eearth Institute, Dupage PE & Health instructions, Head Start iand IL nursing association.

Her consulting practice offers natural, holistic support for women with symptoms of depression, anxiety,  chronic stress, and those who want to maintain memory, mental clarity and emotional vitality to enjoy life as they age. Since childhood, she has had an interest in herbs and spiritual practices. She is committed to lifelong learning and exploring ancient traditional healing and how we can bring it to our lives today. 

A holistic approach to mental & emotional well-being

There are so many influences on the way we think and feel.


A whole-person approach will guide you to creating more balance in your life, and support your mental and emotional health.

What happens with a consultation?


We begin  your story - what you are creating in your life right now, and the solutions you are seeking. 


From there, we'll create a unique plan for you based on:

* Your dosha: your  basic constitution - to help you understand the ways in which you are impacted by stress, your strengths, and areas where you may be out of balance.

* Healthy lifestyle based in Ayurvedic principles


* Herbs , energy healing, mind-body therapies

* Self-care practices

* Our core testing panel, including functional medicine and other nutrition-based testing, to help fine tune the support we give on a nutrient level.

*We will take care to create natural approach that fits your values and lifestyle


* Our recommendations will work with your existing medical treatments

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